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CVE-2018-6851 to CVE-2018-6857: Sophos Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities

We have recently disclosed a list of vulnerabilities to Sophos that allow local attackers to elevate their privileges and execute code in the security context of the SYSTEM user account. Affected Products SafeGuard Enterprise 8.00.4 and earlier (Fix: install 8.00.5) SafeGuard Easy and earlier (Fix: install 7.00.3) SafeGuard LAN Crypt and earlier (Fix: […]

CVE-2019-9702: Symantec Encryption Desktop Local Privilege Escalation – Exploiting an Arbitrary Hard Disk Read/Write Vulnerability Over NTFS

Note: These vulnerabilities remain unpatched at the point of publication.  We have been working with Symantec to try and help them to fix this since our initial private disclosure in July 2017 (full timeline at the end of this article), however no patch has yet been released.  Consequently, we are at the point of publishing […]

Carbon Black – Security Advisories: CVE-2016-9570, CVE-2016-9568 and CVE-2016-9569

Nettitude have discovered three vulnerabilities in Carbon Black; CVE-2016-9570, CVE-2016-9568 and CVE-2016-9569. Two of these have been patched at the time of writing. CVE-2016-9570 Module: cb.exe (SRC-149) Version: Bug Type: Read-Out-Of-Bounds Impact: DoS Prerequisites: Hijack NetMon Pipe Severity: Medium Status: Remediated Note: The following technical details are taken from the x86 build of the Carbon Black […]