LRQA Nettitude is a rewarding place to work. Come and join us!

Accelerator Program

Each year, we run a seven month intensive training program, designed to give you the very best start in cyber security.  Both fresh graduates and more established career changers are welcome to apply.  Warning: this is not for the faint of heart!

Senior Vulnerability Researcher

Do you love tearing binaries apart? Does finding and exploiting critical vulnerabilities fill you with joy? Do you know your heap from your stack? We have an exciting position available on our growing research team.

Senior AI/ML Research Engineer

Would you like to advance the state of the art in applied artificial intelligence by leading Nettitude’s research in this field? Nettitude recognises the critical importance of AI and ML technologies to companies that want to thrive in the modern world.

Penetration Testing

We have multiple levels of Security Consultant position available, with penetration testing at the heart of what you’ll be doing.  If you have a knack for breaking things and want to work at the cutting edge of offensive security, then click below to find out more.