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CVE-2017-18019: Privilege Escalation via a Kernel Pointer Dereference

A little while ago, I discovered a vulnerability, CVE-2017-18019, affecting a kernel driver of multiple K7 Computing security products, as well as the products of Defenx, both for Windows.  Both were affected because they were using the same anti virus engine, and both are now patched. The proof of concept was based on an invalid […]

CVE-2018-8955: Bitdefender GravityZone Arbitrary Code Execution

We recently identified a vulnerability in the digitally signed Bitdefender GravityZone installer. The vulnerability allows an attacker to execute malicious code without breaking the original digital signature, and without embedding anything malicious into the installer itself. This means that an appropriately positioned attacker can cause the signed installer to run an arbitrary remotely hosted executable. […]

CVE-2018-6851 to CVE-2018-6857: Sophos Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities

We have recently disclosed a list of vulnerabilities to Sophos that allow local attackers to elevate their privileges and execute code in the security context of the SYSTEM user account. Affected Products SafeGuard Enterprise 8.00.4 and earlier (Fix: install 8.00.5) SafeGuard Easy and earlier (Fix: install 7.00.3) SafeGuard LAN Crypt and earlier (Fix: […]