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CVE-2020-14418: madCodeHook Library Local Privilege Escalation

Nettitude discovered a vulnerability in the ‘madCodeHook’ third party library which caused a number of security products, including Cisco AMP and Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform, to contain a local privilege escalation vulnerability. Since the vulnerability originated in a third party library, it is likely to affect other software using that library. The madCodeHook author […]

CVE-2017-18019: Privilege Escalation via a Kernel Pointer Dereference

A little while ago, I discovered a vulnerability, CVE-2017-18019, affecting a kernel driver of multiple K7 Computing security products, as well as the products of Defenx, both for Windows.  Both were affected because they were using the same anti virus engine, and both are now patched. The proof of concept was based on an invalid […]