CVE-2015-7596 through CVE-2015-7598 & CVE-2015-7961 through CVE-2015-7967: SafeNet Authentication Service Agent vulnerabilities

Several SafeNet Authentication Service Agents could allow a local attacker to obtain privilege escalation due to weak ACLs assigned to subdirectories and executable modules of those products. A user with low privileges could modify and/or substitute executable modules which a high privileged user could later execute in their own security context. Further detail A PDF […]

‘QNAP Signage Station iArtist Lite’ SYSTEM for everyone (Part 3)

The QNAP iArtist Lite application is vulnerable to an uncontrolled search path element. This flaw can be leveraged by a low privileged user or malware to mount a binary file planting attack and obtain SYSTEM level access.

QNAP Signage Station: Publish and Be Damned (Part 2)

tl;dr Nettitude has discovered that the iArtist application is vulnerable to CWE-290 Authentication Bypass by Spoofing. This flaw can be leveraged to remove the need to supply valid credentials when uploading a presentation. Additionally, the Signage Station system suffers from CWE-768 Use of Hard-coded Credentials. This grants access to the host NAS FTP service and […]

QNAP Signage Station: Publish and Be Damned (Part 1)

tl;dr Nettitude researchers have discovered that QNAP Signage Station is vulnerable to CWE-434, Unrestricted Upload of File with Dangerous Type. This flaw can be leveraged by a low privileged remote user to gain interactive system access as a member of the Administrator’s group. Introduction Signage Station is a QNAP authored application that runs on a […]

Exploiting a Kernel Paged Pool Buffer Overflow in Avast Virtualization Driver

CVE-2015-8620 We discovered this vulnerability in the Avast Virtualization driver (aswSnx.sys) that handles some of the ‘Sandbox’ and ‘DeepScreen’ functionality of all the Avast Windows products. We initially found this issue in versions 10.x (10.4.2233.1305) of those products and later confirmed that the latest 11.x versions were still affected by this issue up to, and […]

HMRC Phishing Scam

In the last few days, Nettitude’s threat intelligence platform has picked up a mass phishing campaign – involving the distribution over nearly two million individual emails – targeting HMRC customers. The attackers attempt to obtain personal details by directing the user to click a link in the e-mail, which then redirects them to a compromised […]