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Putting attackers in hi vis jackets with sysmon

Background Sysmon (short for system monitor) has been part of the Sysinternals suite for several years.  It comprises kernel-mode driver and a Windows service that monitors system events and writes those to Windows event logs.   [...]

By |February 16, 2017|

More XSS Shenanigans

In September, we released our XSS Payloads collection of scripts and they went down really well within the pen-testing community. There are lots of other fun things you can do to exploit cross site scripting and so [...]

By |February 3, 2017|

Who owns your runtime?

Can mobile applications trust their own runtime environment? The answer to this burning question that has no doubt kept you awake at night is: nope. […]

By |January 11, 2017|

PoshC2 – new features

There have been a few cool updates to PoshC2, our public Command & Control (C2) software, since we first released it. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of these new features so that [...]

By |December 1, 2016|
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